Our Story

Coffee has been our (screwpine kitchen) obsession for a long time. We have tried espresso based, manual brew, cold brew any kind of brew you name it. But we feel, aside from what we have tasted, we need something new kind of brew. We need lighter cold coffee with just enough amount of sweetness. After tons of experiments, Cowabunga! We found out that freshly ground coffee, cold-brewed with coconut water gives you the refreshing feeling without losing the energizing effect of the coffee.

GILI is a bottle of pure balance between the energizing coffee and refreshing coconut water. Freshly ground single origin coffee cold-brewed with pure coconut water for more than 12 hours to deliver perfect extractions. 2 steps of filtration before the bottling process will increase the smoothness of the coffee.

Why Coconut brewed
A bottle of GILI will refresh you and gives your energy back while instantly re-hydrates your body. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that are found naturally in coconut water. These are 3 reasons why you should choose GILI coconut coffee:

  1. Quality Beans
    Kopi Katalis, helps us get the beans directly from the local Indonesian farmers and roast the beans to ensure you that each bottle of GILI will still give you same pleasure.
  2. Fresh Ingredients
    We grind the bean just the time we will brew them. We also make sure that the coconut we bought aged less than 1 week.
  3. Thorough Process
    After patiently wait overnight, we do double filtration to purify the coffee. To maintain freshness of our product, we only do small batch productions.